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Interview with Craig



Interview with Craig (
RCT2 Club: How long have you been the webmaster of your RCT website?
CRAIG: When RCT was first released, I started a little site called the big one, which quickley got re-named to craggsRCT, and its been known as that since, up untill a few weeks ago.

RCT2 Club: When you first played RCT, did you think it could use some improvments?
CRAIG: I was amazed by the game at first, improvements wasnt the first thing on my mind

RCT2 Club: How do you think RCT2 will turn out?
CRAIG: I think that it will be great! The new theming in the game is going to be great judging from the screenshots! That will be one of the best parts for me, I really like the look of the scenario editor too. :-)

RCT2 Club: When RCT2 comes out, will you buy it right away, or wait and see what people say?
CRAIG: I wont be queuing up outside the game shop on the day its released, im not obsessed with the game, I will get it when I have time.

RCT2 Club: Are you shocked that your website has turned into one of the biggest RCT sites on the web?
CRAIG: I wouldnt call the site one of the biggest, i think of there as 2 'leagues' of sites, the top league is the sites like RCT Station, TycoonPlaza, RCT Inc etc.. and in the lower league there are the rest of the sites!, I would say its one of the biggest in the lower league. (The RCTOA topsites had emphasized that pattern for me). I am really supprised at how much the site has grown even since I change the name to TycoonPlaza.

RCT2 Club: Rumors say there could be a RCT3, what do you say?
CRAIG: There may be, I wouldnt rule it out, but it will be 3 or 4 years I think so, keep an eye out for Add-on packs for RCT2 first.



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